Facebook or face bore?

Everyone has a ‘moment’ when they feel like quitting Facey ‘cos they’re bored shitless of reading everyone’s pointless crap all day, right? Here’s a list of this weeks posts on my timeline that made me scroll quicker than normal…

  1. Samantha ‘yummy-mummy’ Smith shared another timehop post from 3 years ago. Of little Jonny in his school uniform.  I didn’t care much for it the first time round Sambo. timehop
  2. Louise Green posted 163 pictures (!?!) of her kids entitled ‘Our day in the park’.  
  3. “Happy 85th birthday to my Auntie Mary in heaven. Hope you’re having a ball up there”. It’s unlikely Sandra. Really unlikely. Soz.
  4.  “Happy 2nd birthday to my Riley. I hope you have a great day”. Is Riley in kiddy Mensa now? 
  5.  Jane posted another 4 daily quotes about how much she loves her kids. So do most people Jane, if they didn’t, they’d be seeing a counsellor or a therapist or something love. 
  6. Karen Stewart checked in to Whiston Hospital A&E without revealing the reason why. Attention seeking witch. Unless you got something stuck up an inappropriate place to give us a laugh then we don’t care Kazza.
  7. Emotional blackmail posts. They just make me cringe. no-heart
  8. Jenny Skinner posted a cryptic rant that was barely legible.  “Am prowd of son and its discusting you chating shit so be quite coz am not hapy and i say what a like cus am me”. Or something like that. bad-grammar


I actually can’t cope. So I’m having a few days ‘facebook’ leave. I’ll be back in a few days though ‘cos I’m far too nosey to stay off! Ta-ra x





3 thoughts on “Facebook or face bore?

  1. Haha, I love your blog. Yes this just about sums up FB. Yet we just keep going back for more. Desperately scrolling up and down hoping something exciting will suddenly appear. Came across your blog through Suzie speaks Halloween blog party.


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