Halloween: Love it or hate it?

So. It’s nearly that time of year again.


You either love it or you hate it. (I’d bagsied my kiddie’s skeletons costumes the week they hit the shops -about two months too early in August- so you might say I’m keen. Although I prefer ‘organised’).


It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of witches brew though.  A quick scroll through a parenting thread on the internet led me to a right old bunch of Moaning Mummies.

‘I never let my young children go out begging at Halloween’, wrote Miserable Moira on the thread. Errrr Moira, you’re not just miserable, you’re also a total Killjoy.

‘I don’t want my child to consume all of those sugary sweets’, another poster wrote. Fairdo’s Sandra. Jeeeeez. Just scoff some yourself then. Everyone loves a haribo.

‘We don’t do tricks’ added another. ‘It scares people.’ Blimey Maureen, chill out, it’s not a real brain that the kids are asking you to stick their hand into. It’s a bit of coloured dye spaghetti.

‘I don’t open the door to people after dark’, posted Helen, and judging by her profile picture, I could see why.

I’m jesting here by the way, and banter aside, of course, I do totally respect the many valid reasons people dislike Halloween: It’s against some religious beliefs; it’s intimidating to the elderly, and others fall foul to a string of nuisance cold callers, a bit like those ringing you for PPI, harassing you at all times of the night without even bothering to dress up! A couple of years ago, at my previous address, I answered the door to four costume-less blank-faced teenagers wearing tracksuits and I kid you not, one of them was wearing a fecking balaclava! (Never mind Witches Brew; they were more likely looking for some spare change to buy themselves a can of Special Brew!)

‘It’s me mask, innit’, said balaclava boy, following it up with an unenthusiastic ‘Trick or Treat’ – at which point I politely told them to piss right off declined and subsequently became one of many fellow ‘prisoners in our own home’ for the evening to prevent subsequent calls.  There were also reports in local towns of ‘yobs’ going on a rampage during ‘Mischief Night’, were bricks were thrown at buses and windows, and not forgetting that this year, of course, this year we’ve got these Halloween ‘clowns’….What in the hell (pardon the pun) is that all about?

Have you got any clowns in your town?, all the local newspapers were asking, (cue the replies about all of the current clowns sitting in the town hall …). I don’t condone violence by the way, but I swear to God, if one of these so called ‘clowns’ jumps out on me, they’ll be getting a swift kick in the ****!

Anyway. I’ll be taking my children out this year for Halloween but of course, I’ll be mindful and respectful to other people’s views. What do you think of Halloween?






3 thoughts on “Halloween: Love it or hate it?

  1. This is a really nice blog, with posts an ideal length for visitors to dip into. Cheers.
    NB I’m not from St Helens but I visit quite regularly to drink in your lovely pubs (retiredmartin.com).


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