Roast Dinner Burger?


What do you think of this Roast Dinner Burger that a restaurant hotel is serving in Liverpool? Yum or Yuk?  I thought I’d try and make a DIY version for the kids: get some meat and veg, wedge it in-between two Yorkshire Puddings and pass it off as a burger.

5-a-day and all that.

My version looked shit and the kids weren’t convinced.

‘That’s not a burger’, declared Child 1.

‘It is. Sort of’. 

‘What’s that inside? I don’t like carrots’, scowled Child 2.

‘It’s butternut squash. Try it’, I said enthusiastically.

‘We don’t like butternut squash’, the children both agreed, sulking.

‘Okay. Eat the peas’.

‘We don’t like peas’, they both agreed again. Or potatoes. They weren’t budging.

They ate the Yorkshire pudding. I think they like the word pudding.

Next week: Roast Dinner Pudding coming your way kids x







7 thoughts on “Roast Dinner Burger?

  1. haha, looks like the chef got bored, shoved everything in a pile, stuck a skewer through it and said it’ll do, jobs a good ‘en. Afraid it’s a yuk from me 🙂


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