A quick review of Ingleton Waterfalls.

Started well. Mum points for packing sandwiches, bottled water and plasters. Minus mum points for forgetting to put a t-shirt on under my hoodie (you get a bit of a sweat on climbing uphill). It was warm-ish and dry when we set off but five minutes later I had an uneasy feeling I’d left the iron on. Quick U-turn. ‘We’re going home now kids. Hope you’ve enjoyed the road trip’, I joked. They looked pissed off and confused.

Anyway. We got there eventually. It’s 8 quid for adults and 4 for kids. It’s over 4 miles long (one way traffic). As expected, it’s rocky, uneven and can be slippery.

Fancy a bit of Baby and Johnny style log dancing?
Who says money cant grow on trees?

Anyone for a paddle?

A few iffy moments involved seeing the oldest stood near the edge of a very high drop and the youngest slipping off some stepping stones and banging his head instead. But it’s good for exercise and exploring nature and it gets the kids away from their screens for a bit. There’s no internet in the waterfalls. I know this because I might have tried to have a cheeky google fact check when the oldest asked me how waterfalls were formed and all I could predict was ‘it’s a river over a broken rock , innit’.

It’s not an easy walk for the very unfit like me. By the time I got near the top I’d decided that I didn’t want to do this anymore. It was similar to when i tried to climb off the hospital bed whilst in labour, and my husband pragmatically informed me ‘there’s no going back now, you’re just gonna have to push on’. Apparently, my son now needed a poo so it looked like we were going to have to just plod on after all. An ice cream van parked at the very top gives you just the push you need.

Overall, it’s worth a visit but probably not suitable for very young children. Other Ingleton attractions include an outdoor swimming pool/splash zone and White Scar Cave.


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