Facebook or face bore?

Everyone has a ‘moment’ when they feel like quitting Facey ‘cos they’re bored shitless of reading everyone’s pointless crap all day, right? Here’s a list of this weeks posts on my timeline that made me scroll quicker than normal… Samantha ‘yummy-mummy’ Smith shared another timehop post from 3 years ago. Of little Jonny in his school uniform.  I didn’t care much for it the first time … Continue reading Facebook or face bore?

Good deeds. Do you believe in karma?

A few weeks ago, I went to a ‘Meditation’ class in Widnes. I parked up, pressing my nose against a few windows that were a hive of adult learning activities before finally flinging open the door to my designated base. 10 or so people were already seated around a circle on chairs (I’d naively assumed we’d all be sitting on the floor cross legged like … Continue reading Good deeds. Do you believe in karma?

Sports day: The competitive mum’s field day

Sport: you either love it or you hate it. At school, I was never really a ‘winner’ at sports myself (I once thought I’d won the backstroke but everyone else had already got out of the pool). Still, I had a few coping strategies to deal with my athletic defeats. ‘Where did you come?’, a spectator (clearly not spectating well enough) would ask. ‘4th’ I’d quip, … Continue reading Sports day: The competitive mum’s field day

The Grand National: Tips for the girls

Here are my top 10 tips for any Aintree newbies heading to the Grand National 2017. Go by train. It’s near impossible to park a car around there and you can’t drink Prosecco for breakfast if you’re driving! Trains will run from Liverpool to Aintree every 7 and a half minutes during key times, but you’ll need to check the details due to a planned … Continue reading The Grand National: Tips for the girls

Postpartum partying: My first ‘girls night out’…

‘We need a night out. It’s been too lomg’, declared my friend Hayley. ’14 months, 2 weeks, 3 days and counting, to be precise’, I said, being scarily precise. ‘Shit. Someone’s been bored’ acknowledged Hayley, looking very afraid for my well-being. She promptly arranged a girls night out. Around town. Now I was afraid for my wellbeing. I hadn’t been out round town since the … Continue reading Postpartum partying: My first ‘girls night out’…

I hated being pregnant…

I was 28 when a faint blue line in the test window confirmed that I was indeed, as suspected, pregnant. Feelings of “Oh yes” versus “Oh shit” battled it out for a few hours in my head until I finally set about looking at what I needed to do next. Google. A quick search on a friendly mums’ site gave me the following advice: Book an … Continue reading I hated being pregnant…

Road Trip Romance…?

I was 28 when I got engaged. My boyfriend Chris had never had a romantic bone in his body and I’m quite a simple girl at heart and I’m easily pleased, so I wasn’t expecting an elaborate proposal of any kind. Still, I wouldn’t have been upset with a romantic backdrop when he did finally pop the question. Somewhere like Rome. Or Italy. ‘Pack your … Continue reading Road Trip Romance…?