Help. I’m moving back in with my parents…

There are times –desperate times, mind- when one becomes an adult but must return home to live at their parents abode. (I was 25, crying buckets and carrying a very large holdall and an even heavier heart.) Mum was amidst one her regular cleaning frenzies when I stepped over a pile of shoes at the back door that resembled sandbags preventing a flood. Had she … Continue reading Help. I’m moving back in with my parents…

St Helens Speak

I remember the first time I heard my own voice on a recording and I was like..’Uh, who’s that then!?’ (It totally didn’t match the voice I’d been hearing in my head all my life, see.) ‘It’s you’. ‘Whaaaaat?’, I squirmed. ‘That’s…actually……me?’ How did my brain  process the words flying out my motormouth so fast and why did I keep saying ‘luv’ all of the … Continue reading St Helens Speak

Worst dates: The Widnes one

In the mid naughties, I was 25 and single. Still. Life should have been sweet, although most of my friends had gone a bit stale on me ‘cos they all had long-term boyfriends themselves. I was beginning to think that I’d never meet a good looking, kind, nice, genuine, honest, trustworthy, funny man of my own. And then I got invited out by some work … Continue reading Worst dates: The Widnes one

Worst Dates: Scouse Steve

In the early naughties, I once went on a date with a scouser. Now, I’m not Liverpool bashing in this story. For the record, I LOVE Liverpol: the people, the shops, the football team, the nightlife. Liverpool is my city and I love everything about it. However, like everywhere else in the world, there exists some losers. And I met one. Yes, another. It’s the … Continue reading Worst Dates: Scouse Steve

First Dates: The Warrington one

My first date 6 years after my first love break-up was with a guy called Phil I’d met on a night out. It was a Friday night, and I’d arranged to meet *Phil, through the magic of texts, outside the old Chicago Rock in Warrington. I’d arrived on time, and waited nervously outside, pretending to be reading a poster on the wall that was advertising … Continue reading First Dates: The Warrington one

90’s Teenage House Party

    I’ve always fancied going to Wigan on boxing night, although I may be a bit passed it now… (for those not familiar to Wigan, people dress up in all kinds of weird and wonderful fancy dress outfits on boxing night and  hit the bars and clubs). It’s been years since I last went out in fancy dress, the most memorable of those being … Continue reading 90’s Teenage House Party